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5 Common Claims for Head and Brain Injuries

A brain or head injury is a serious disability that can cause both temporary and permanent damages. The cranial area is very delicate and should be guarded with great care. Unfortunately, untimely events or unforeseen circumstances can wreak havoc on even the best protected individual.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are very common reasons that people receive a TBI and file for injury claims. In 2014 alone, vehicle crashes accounted for over 70% of all TBI hospitalizations. Violent collisions with cars and other objects will thrash the body back and forth, jiggling the soft brain against the hard sides of the skull. Concussions, brain bleeds, and even permanent brain damage can result from these injuries.

Medical Negligence

The negligence of a medical professional can lead to a myriad of health-related issues, most notably head and brain injuries. Without proper oxygen flow supplied to the brain during surgeries, the body may acquire traumatic damage by asphyxiation. Patients slipping, falling, or being dropped by a medical worker is another common injury. Adverse reactions to medicines and drugs are another way that negligence can cause damage to delicate brain tissues. In many cases, these injuries can result in the loss of movement, personality changes, and even death.

Childbirth Brain Trauma

Childbirth is dangerous process, made worse by negligent or incompetent physicians who fail to act responsibly during labor. Newborns may acquire brain injuries through undiagnosed infections that result from improper birthing environments or procedures. Umbilical cords tangled around infant necks may asphyxiate newborns and damage their jelly-like cranial bones. When forceps or vacuum extractions are used during the birthing processes, the chances for head injuries and infections become much higher.

TBIs at Work

Brain injuries include damages received at work due to third-party negligence. This causes high medical costs, lost wages, and extended pain and suffering to the victim.

Wrongful Death

If a victim receives a death-resulting TBI, their family members are eligible to make a claim on their behalf. Wrongful Death Claims are only viable if the brain injury would have been valid as the subject of an injury case.

If you are suffering from a brain or head-related injury, speak with trustworthy attorney to begin the claiming process today.