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Staten Island Hoverboard Accident Leads to Negligence Lawsuit

This past Christmas every kid wanted a hoverboard. The idea of gliding through the air like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future proves appealing to them. Some parents bought the $400 boards to keep pleading kids happy.

Though many find this product too expensive, those who do make the purchase will find they now have the most popular kid on the block. Everybody wants to be friends with the owner of a futuristic hoverboard. That cultural relic known as the skateboard does not cut it any longer.

hover-board-lawsuitHoverboard Accidents Causing Concern

A ride on a hover board, a contraption straight from the sci-fi movies, can be a dream come true. That is until there is an accident. Then flying around on a hoverboard loses some of its appeal. Such was the case in New York when a hoverboard began emitting smoke, causing injuries to a 12 year-old boy and damaging the house.

Michael Cerullo, a Staten Island resident, received a Swagway X1 hoverboard as a Christmas gift from his grandmother. Perhaps his months of pleading wore down her resolve.

On January 3, Michael and his younger brother were playing with the Swagway X1 when smoke, fire and batteries began shooting from it.

A neighbor had to come help put out the flames. A few days later the boy experienced breathing problems. A doctor diagnosed him with severe smoke inhalation. His mother also claims her son suffers from trauma.

The family filed a lawsuit to recover for the physical damage to their home. They accuse Swagway of negligence. There was a safety misrepresentation, according to the court paperwork. Swagway placed a Underwriters Laboratories certificate on the Swagway X1 hoverboard box. Unwitting customers believed the device safe. It turns out the certification was not official.

Federal Recall Possible

Even the federal government has gotten involved. It sent a letter to Swagway demanding compliance with safety regulations. Between December 2015 and February 2016, Swagway hoverboards caused at least 52 fires. Families have lost up to $2 million as a result.

As for now, the hoverboards remain available for purchase. Only time will tell whether the authorities will recall the vehicles. Meanwhile, users should be aware of the possible danger.

Anyone hurt should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss just compensation.