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A Major Relief as a Young Woman Is Awarded $1.8 Million in a Court Ruling

Alexis Mongiello received a major relief after winning a case that has been dragging in the court since 2012. Alexis, aged 24, was awarded $1.8 million by Sussex County jury for permanent spinal injury she suffered after being involved in a car accident at the age of 19.

The accident occurred on the night of November 9, 2012, while Alexis Mongiello of Sparta was driving in an unknown location to meet her boyfriend who was back home for leave. She was looking forward to reconnecting with her boyfriend, who serves as a marine, after a long time. Unfortunately, her joy was cut short by what was to happen.

According to her narration, Alexis Mongiello said that she was in the front seat of the car, which had made a stop at a red light on Route 23 in Butler. Then suddenly she heard a loud bang from behind that immediately sent her to neck pain. It was Gabrielle Gallagher who had rammed into the rear of Alexis’ car. Shortly after the accident, Alexis Mongiello, was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Since suffering the accident, Alexis has continued to receive treatment and now the medical specialists are considering spinal fusion surgery as the better option to solve the problem that was inflicted on her by the unfortunate event.

The parties in the case had tried to reach for an out of court settlement but in vain, which forced the case to proceed to trial. In the out of court deal, Mercury Insurance, the defendant’s insurer, had offered to pay only $18,000 against $250,000 policy paid by Gabrielle Gallagher, who was behind the accident.

The complaint was demanding the insurance company to pay Gallagher’s policy amount in full, a demand that was fiercely resisted by the company. This is the disagreement that forced the case to go to trial.

During the trial, the defense team for the complainant who included Andrew Fraser, Esq. and William Thayer, Esq., both of Laddey, Clark and Ryan, LLP in Sparta, NJ, argued that a value should be awarded to Alexis on the basis of harms, losses and lifetime suffering that is as a result of the accident. Fortunately, the court sided with Alexis and ruled to her favor, awarding her $1.8m.