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Pediatric Dentist Allegedly Torturing, Abusing Children

A pediatric dentist accused of torture is being sued for that, fraud and abuse. Class action lawsuits surrounding this office have been filed. Despite being under investigation and there being constant protests, the dentist office remains open. The lawsuit allegations include physical and psychological abuse, claiming the dentist’s actions to be of a sadistic nature.

long-list-of-complaints-against-dr-schneiderA long line of complaints are coming from parents, who state their children were physically abused by Dr. Howard Schneider. The dentist office is also being investigated by the Florida General Attorney for Medicaid fraud. This case was filed first and separately from the abuse and torture allegations.

The abuse and torture suit states that Dr. Schneider’s desire to inflict pain upon others is what drew him to open the dental practice. It also alleges that he specifically chooses children of those who are uneducated, have lower income, and who don’t speak English to lessen the possibility of them having the ability to report the actions.

Some of the parents are stating that children were threatened or frightened with phrases like “Your mom will die if you tell” to avoid them telling their parents or another authority. There are claims of kids being choked to the point of passing out, instead of given proper anesthesia. The suit also claims that non-medically necessary procedures were done without proper anesthesia and were billed to Medicaid.

There are also complaints about kids being strapped down or coming home with cuts, bruises, and other injuries or marks. The suit alleges that the pediatric dentist gets some sort of sadistic sexual pleasure out of torturing defenseless child victims.

suit-alledges-pediatric-dentist-sadistic-pleasureWhile Dr. Schneider hasn’t ever served time or been convicted for these types of acts, there is a history of prior, similar lawsuits that got dismissed. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office has also been called to his office for complaints regarding excessive force against the patients.

It will be interesting to see where this case progresses and whether or not the pediatric dentist is found guilty. Many parents are avoiding the practice and some continue to protest against Dr. Schneider for these alleged acts. Though more are complaining, four parent accounts are outlined in the pending lawsuit. The entire text of the lawsuit can be found on Scribd.