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A Unique Partnership Between Personal Injury Law and Drone Technology Changes Accident Investigation

The world of personal injury law is changing quickly and drones are playing a role. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International recently announced some news that unmanned vehicles (UAVs) and robotics are being used by a personal injury law firm to recreate accident scenes.

This law firm is based in Dallas and is using commercial drone services from Midwest UAS Technologies. Together, the partnership is leveraging advances in aerial drone technology to improve the ability of insurance companies, juries, and lawyers to visualize just an accident involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles unfold.

Often, lawyers have had to recreate accident scenes from scratch in order to explain to juries, judges, and insurance companies just how an accident unfolded. An actual movie is going to make a stronger impression and these drones are helping them do that. Drones are being used to enhance and grow the world of accident investigation expertise. For lawyers who are trying to defend the rights of their clients, this represents a major advance.

The drones are being used to provide updated maps, recreate videos, and provide images that allow attorneys to put together the accident scenes with a higher degree of specificity. Then, the recreation will reflect real-time conditions at the time the accident took place.

Without a doubt, drones are moving the field forward. This partnership is raising the bar when it comes to gathering evidence and recreating accidents. Furthermore, these drones can also be used to collect evidence in a fraction of the time. Drones are able to reach areas with ease thanks to their ability to fly. Therefore, areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to law enforcement and other professionals can be re-imaged via drone

In the end, drones are improving the ability of personal injury law firms to serve their clients. These drones can collect information more quickly, recreate crime scenes more accurately, and provide stronger images for those who are evaluating the case. It will be interesting to see if this partnership between legal professionals and the tech world grows in the next few years. It could have a major impact on the outcome of personal injury cases all across the United States.