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What do People Think About Lawsuits?

Everyone knows that lawsuits help retain the law and order in this country. It keeps people honest and allows everyone to have a fair relationship. We were curious about how people view lawsuits, so we took a look at a study. This study asked a thousand men and women across the country what they really think about lawsuits. The study did a good job of asking people from different backgrounds. The result is a study that pretty closely emulates the American peoples’ voices. The results are pretty interesting, and they’re worth sharing.

The major takeaway is that a majority of people would think about suing as long as it’s under the right conditions. In fact, over 95% of people said they would sue. Their reasoning behind it would range from them feeling wronged to there being a serious disturbance to their life. That’s nearly the entire country that’s in favor of suing. That leaves not even 5% of the total population in the belief that they would never sue anyone.

Interestingly, in the same study, nearly half of them would only refuse to sue if the person they had to sue was a loved one. They said they would never sue a loved one under any condition. The remaining half that said they would sue a loved one said that it would depend on how bad the injuries were and whether or not their loved one could pay for the victim’s medical bills through insurance. This is an important caveat to remember. Even though they would sue their loved one, it would only be in serious and absolutely necessary instances

Almost 1 in 5 people said that they would take part in dishonest behavior to win an accident settlement of $100,000. They answered that they might get into an accident on purpose or exaggerate how hurt they actually are. This raises some interesting questions about what a court can do to try to find this 20% of people walking around. Of course, these results are just on paper so it’s hard to say if someone actually would commit fraud like this.

Lawsuits have an impact on lives and what people think across the country think about them is interesting and worth talking about.