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“He can run anytime he wants. I’m giving him the red light.” ~ Yogi Berra

In 2014, the Chicago-Tribune  investigated Chicago’s “red-light camera system” responding to claims of increasing dangers on the city’s streets. Their investigation confirmed that nearly 40 percent of equipped intersections had become more dangerous!

  • Rear-end collisions increased by 22 percent.
  • Those intersections that rarely saw vehicle mishaps were now actively involved.

Their investigation exposed a $2 million City Hall bribery scandal. John Bills received a 10-year sentence for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars for directing massive red-light camera contracts to Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. ~ an amount equal to thirteen percent of Redflex’s worldwide revenue.

Federal testimony revealed that Bills took bribes up to $2,000 for each of the 384 cameras installed. The investigation also discovered:

  • Malfunctioning cameras
  • Inconsistent enforcement policies
  • The issuance of millions of dollars in tickets despite the fact that transportation officials were aware that ‘yellow-light times’ had dropped below federal minimum guidelines


Lawsuits were filed alleging that the city violated its own rules by mismanaging the $600 million red-light program. Allegations included:

  • Failure to send a second violation notice before guilt was determined.
  • The doubling of fines for late payments before allowed to do so.


A Cook County judge approved “class action status” for the existing legal actions.  The judge’s rule created a significant increase in City Hall’s exposure to liability.

And today

Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral administration has agreed to pay $38.75 million to settle a class action lawsuit that alleges that the city failed to give sufficient notice to alleged red-light camera violators. Under the agreement, people who were ticketed from 2010 to 2015 will be reimbursed. More than 1.2 million people may receive a refund equal to half of their fines paid. Those eligible will receive written instructions as to how to collect their refund. Additionally, the city will:

  • Forgive $12 million in unpaid tickets
  • Disqualify violations that might result in car boots or suspended licenses

By 2018, the city will receive a $10 million bribery scandal settlement from Redflex . This amount will be added to the city’s allocation of $26.75 million within the budget. The city will first use available operating funds ,and then use bond proceeds when necessary.