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Daycare Center Hit With Lawsuit Related to Injuries From Rope Swing

When parents send their children to preschool, they expect them to be properly protected. Unfortunately, children suffer injuries from time to time, but when these injuries stem from negligence, responsible parties need to be held accountable. That is the basis of a recent lawsuit filed against the Children’s Learning Center. Recently, a lawsuit was filed related to an incident that occurred in 2019. A child was playing at the Rafter J campus location when a rope swing, which was placed above a paved surface, led to injuries.

The executive director of the Children’s Learning Center simply stated that the center does everything it can to make sure every child remains safe but did not comment directly on the lawsuit. The parents of the child who suffered these injuries are seeking damages. The lawsuit states that the daycare center should have known that the child could have fallen off the rope swing and suffered serious injuries, particularly because the rope swing was hanging over a paved surface. The lawsuit further alleges that the center did not follow all reasonable Child Care safety standards.

In the lawsuit, the parents also claimed that they were not aware that the center allows their children to swing on a rope swing above a paved surface prior to enrolling their child at the daycare center.

On the date of the incident, the child was swinging on the rope swing under the supervision of teachers at the daycare center, according to the information in the lawsuit. Then, at some time while the child was swinging on the rope swing, he fell from the swing head first. As a result, he struck his head on the ground, suffering a fractured skull, a traumatic brain injury, numerous lacerations, and a fracture in the left wrist.

The parents are seeking damages to cover the cost of medical expenses, a loss of earning capacity related to the injuries, and potential compensation for future disabilities the child may develop as a result of the injuries.

It is important for children to be kept safe while they are at daycare. Only time will tell to see if the daycare center is held responsible for the injuries sustained by this child in the accident.