Two Bioscience Companies Face the Law For Defiling Law Against the Sale of Fetal Tissue

A settlement signed Monday saw two bioscience companies based in Yorba Linda, DV Biologics LLC, and DaVinci Biosciences LLC reach a $7.785-million settlement over allegations that they were involved in an illegal trade involving the sale of fetal tissue. The prosecutor accused the two companies of selling fetal tissue to numerous companies on the international scene. The case was presented to the Orange County district attorney’s office.

The settlement further indicated that the two companies have to stop their operations in California within a stipulated time frame of 60 to 120 days. Further, the companies have been forced to admit liability for violating the federal and state laws that clearly prohibit the purchase or sale of fetal tissues for the purpose of carrying out research.

The company principals, Estefano Isaias Sr., Andres Isaias, and Estefano Isaias Jr. were also named as defendants in the case. The case against DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics forced the court to seize the profits made by the two companies from the sale of this fetal tissue. The prosecutor argued that the defendants disregarded humanity by viewing the parts of the body as a commercial item and selling the tissues for valuable consideration. The Orange County District attorney said in a statement that these two companies will never operate in the state of California again.

The defendants will make a $7.5-million donation to a non-profit academic institution dealing with adult tissues and biological samples and cells that is associated with a U.S. medical school. The prosecutors, however, did not mention this school.

This ruling comes as a lesson to all institutions that are involved with dealing with the illegal sale of human body parts. Further, the court remanded the defendants to donate and also contribute storage containers to laboratories in the county that will be worth around $10,000.

In 2016, the prosecutor also opened a case against the companies by alleging fraudulent and illegal operations in the county. The lawsuit accused the companies of selling human cells and tissues alongside operating illegal activities.