Who is at Fault? Traffic Accidents During Winter Weather.

Car accidents can occur at anytime, but during the winter months when roads become slippery with snow, sleet and ice, the likelihood of becoming involved in an accident increases significantly. If you’re ever involved in an accident during the winter, you may be concerned about the police and insurance company’s ability to accurately determine who was at fault. Fortunately, there are several ways of accurately determining fault following a car accident that occurs during inclement winter weather.

Law Enforcement

When most auto accidents occur, regardless of the time of year, a police officer is usually the first person on the scene. It’s the responsibility of the police officer to make an initial determination of who was at fault, after an investigation has been conducted, and the officer will issue a ticket to the driver who is determined to have caused the accident. The police officer will gather information from all drivers involved, including their driver’s licenses and proof of car insurance, which will be needed for the police report. You should obtain a copy of the police report, which will usually be ready after a couple of days, depending on the police station.


Law enforcement and even insurance companies may question any pedestrians or other drivers who may have witnessed the auto accident. This is more likely to happen if the officer isn’t sure whose negligence caused the accident.

An Experienced Traffic and Accident Attorney

After contacting law enforcement and exchanging contact and insurance information with the other drivers, you should contact an experienced auto accident attorney. Even if you believe you were at fault for the accident, the right attorney can ensure that you receive the best outcome possible following the accident. The attorney will conduct his or her own investigation in order to determine if you or another driver was at fault.

As you can see, there are many steps to determining who is at fault in a car accident that occurs in the winter. So, if you ever find yourself involved in a car accident due to inclement winter weather, you should never admit fault and you should also make sure that you contact an experienced accident attorney as quickly as you can.