Why the LLLT Program is Necessary

The LLLT is a paraprofessional legal program which operates within the United States. Currently, the program can only help you solve family law matters and all communications are supposed to go through the client since LLLTs are not allowed to negotiate in a court. Notably, more than 80 percent of U.S. citizens can’t afford an attorney to help solve civil matters, but with this program, this national crisis can ultimately be quelled. Below are reasons why LLLTs are important.

Access to Justice Should not be Limited to High-Income People

About 80 percent of Americans cannot afford an attorney fee since they receive low wages and have huge expense requirements. Due to the low income, most people carry huge debts which they use to commensurate with their meager earnings hence any unplanned expense will prove difficult to handle. Markedly, a typical family attorney will charge between $250 and $400 for every hour which is almost double of what LLLTs will charge. For example, if it is a four-hour representation, an LLLT will charge approximately $1,500, but an attorney can charge up to $4,000 which is significantly high.

They LLLTs are Perfectly Qualified to handle any Case

An attorney can start serving clients immediately after passing the bar exam which means he or she will have only a few hours of practice. On the other hand, LLLTs will be required to have up to 3,000 hours of practice alongside other rigorous requirements. This means that having an LLLT represent you in your case will be an added advantage since they will have formidable knowledge of your situation.

Helps Family Law Attorneys Broaden their Practice

When you look at the LLLT program from a business point of view, it is an opportunity for you as an attorney to broaden your practice since the target population will be high hence more clients. You can work with these independent technicians whenever there is a matter that needs professional courtroom negotiations which adds you hours of practice.

Evidently, LLLT is a welcome necessity in the current era since it helps the low-income people to access legal representation at a considerate price. Undoubtedly, LLLT will be of unquestionable help to you, whether you are an attorney or a low-income citizen. As such it is paramount to visit The Marshall Project for amazing services.