Woman Injured In Prince Philip Crash May Sue

Emma Fairweather, 46, was injured in a recent crash involving the 97-year old Prince Philip’s Land Rover. The vehicle in which she was a passenger crashing into Prince Philip’s vehicle, leaving her with a broken wrist. Doctors say that Fairweather may be forced to miss as much as two months of work, which has reportedly lead her to consider filing a personal injury claim against the Prince.

Complicating matters further is the Royal Family’s alleged lack of concern for Fairweather’s injury. She claims that she was told only to keep quiet, and that she has not received an apology or even a message wishing her well. Fairweather is reportedly distressed at the Royal Family’s conduct in this matter.

The accident was allegedly caused by the Prince’s failure to yield as he entered the A149 from a side road. The incident occurred in Norfolk, just a few miles from the city of King’s Lynn. The Kia in which Fairweather was a passenger was already on the A149 heading south when the Prince’s Land Rover allegedly pulled out directly in front of Fairweather’s vehicle, which could not stop in time. The Kia broadsided the Prince’s Land Rover, sending it tumbling across the A149 and off the road. The Land Rover ended up resting on the driver’s side, and the Prince, who was not seriously hurt in the accident, had to be pulled out through the sunroof by Fairweather’s husband.

Immediately after the crash, the Prince allegedly told a witness that he couldn’t see Fairweather’s vehicle because he was blinded by the sun. Fairweather disputes this, as she says that the accident occurred on an overcast day. Whatever the cause, police and royal aids quickly swarmed the scene. They spirited Prince Philip away and allegedly told Fairweather multiple times to keep quiet about the incident.

The stretch of the A149 where the accident occurred had apparently been considered dangerous for some time by local residents. The speed limit on the stretch of road was lowered to 50 miles per hour in the aftermath of Prince Philip’s crash. The local council are reportedly considering further action to ensure road safety.