Wrongful Death Suit

The son of a man who died in the Uvalde bus crash has filed a lawsuit against the pickup driver he believes to have been responsible for the accident. The pickup driver, whom the plaintiff believes is liable for the death of his father, had told a witness that he had been texting using his phone when he hit the New Braunfels church bus. The collision between the two vehicles claimed a total of 13 lives.
The plaintiff, Ross Allen, is the son of one of the victims of the car accident, Howard B. Allen. Ross has filed a wrongful death suit against the pickup driver, Jack D. Young, as well as his father, Joseph B. Young. This is according to a copy of the lawsuit that was filed on Monday.

The collision, which occurred on March 29, killed 13 congregants of the New Braunfels church, all of whom were travelling in the church bus. The congregants had gone for a retreat in Uvalde and were on their way back when the crash happened. Of all the congregants in the church bus, only one survived the gruesome accident.
According to the Department of Public Safety in the state of Texas, no charges and citations have been issued in the crash. However, both the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and National Transport Safety Board are still conducting investigations on the crash.
In the lawsuit, Ross Allen alleges that Jack Young, the driver of the pickup, was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Through the lawsuit, Ross Allen goes further to state that the driver had taken marijuana as well as prescription medicine, drugs that impaired his sense of judgment. Jack Young would then drive the pickup on a public road, causing the crash which occurred on U.S 83.

In his arguments, Ross Allen claims that Young drove and operated the Chevrolet Truck while intoxicated, with his negligence leading to the crash that claimed 13 lives. He also alleges that Young’s father was negligent in allowing his son to use the truck, which he owned. For this reason, Ross has filed a claim seeking $ 1 million in damages and as compensation for lost companionship, lost wages and related expenses as a result of the death of his father.