Does Healthcare Technology Influence Medical Malpractice?

Nowadays, medical technology is fundamental to healthcare policies due to its impact on accessibility, cost, and quality. However, technology is also prompting medical malpractice. Although technological advances enhance medical treatment and diagnosis, technical hitches, incompetence in its applications, and malfunctions can lead to severe problems.

According to Forbes, about 400,000 people die annually as a result of preventable medical errors, including preventable Hospital Acquired Infections. Many of these errors are linked to technology. In the United States, over 100,000 people are killed or injured due to medical errors annually, in reference to Jacoby & Meyers, personal injury attorneys. These common medical errors include birth injuries, prescription dosage errors, surgical errors, diagnosis failure, anesthesia errors, treatment delays, and emergency room negligence.

Benefits of Medical Technology

Healthcare providers and patients positively view medical technology due to its contribution to improved understanding of health conditions, diagnosis, and treatment. Besides, technology has also improved access to health services, especially in rural areas.

The simplification of procedures by healthcare technology has also enhanced productivity and more focused healthcare. Additionally, technology has also enhanced the reduction of human error, particularly in recordkeeping and filling, as this can cause devastating concerns.

Risks of Medical Technology

Despite the benefits offered by medical technology, there are some risks linked to it. As healthcare providers learn to use and apply new medical tech systems, they may make errors endangering patients. Although tech advances may restrain some human error areas, people are also likely to make mistakes. Besides, due to the mechanical nature of technology, malfunction is also another risk posed by the use of technology. This can place the life of a patient in danger or cause severe damage.

Impact of Technology on Medical Malpractice

Although several professionals claim tech advances help minimize medical malpractice incidences, since human error is not common when applying electronic methods, technology can also help a medical malpractice case. The use of electronic records facilitates the availability of documentation that can prove an error. As opposed to the past, where attorneys relayed in in-office or recalled conversations, nowadays, lawyers can use patient portals, emails, electronic records, and other forms of technology in court.

Technology has greatly influenced how people live. However, the application of technology can create some risks, especially if not properly managed or controlled.