How Emotional Stress Related to Pandemic Could Continue After Its Over

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most impactful situations that most people in the world have ever dealt with. Even those that remained healthy throughout the pandemic have experienced a variety of personal and professional challenges associated with social distancing, quarantining, and a variety of other changes that have impacted their daily lives. While the pandemic is continuing to slow with the rollout of various vaccines across the world, many people continue to feel stress related to the past year. As the world continues to open back up, some of these emotional stressors could continue for a period of time.


Increased Prevalence of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety has been a challenge that many people have had to deal with their entire lives. Those that have social anxiety can feel stress and anxiety about any activity that will require them to be around groups of people. During COVID-19, all people were required to spend more time inside and away from others. Even those that did not have anxiety before the pandemic could now feel stress related to leaving their home and once again being in larger groups.


Concern over Illnesses

While COVID-19 is slowing and people have protection from the vaccinations, there is bound to be an increased level of concern about physical health and contracting illnesses in general. Even sitting on a train near someone that is sneezing could cause stress and concern that germs are being spread. As mask mandates continue to be loosened, this concern is likely to only continue further.


Stress of Going Back to Work

Many people have spent the last year working from home. In a lot of cases, more and more people will start heading back to the office. This continues to create stress for those that are worried about the impact that the transition can have on both their personal and professional lives.


It is clear that the emotional stressors related to the COVID-19 pandemic can continue for a period of time. For those that are concerned about their mental health and wellbeing, finding ways to take changes slowly is very important. As opposed to jumping right back into your old life, taking small steps over the course of a few months could make the transition back to normal life easier.