Law Firm Reissues Cookbook During Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on individuals, families, and small businesses alike. One law firm in Columbia, SC, which is dedicated to the needs of its clients, has a strong reputation for placing the needs of its clients above all else. In some cases, this extends beyond the courtroom. This might even include cooking.

Davis Rice, who is a skilled personal injury attorney in Columbia, SC, is also known for his quality macaroni and cheese. A cookbook was released by the Joye Firm in 2013, with a variety of delicious recipes making the rounds. Of course, one of the most popular recipes was that very mac and cheese from Davis Rice.

The cookbook was initially released in 2013. Now, during the pandemic, it is receiving an update. This only makes sense, as so many people are still avoiding going out to eat in light of everything that is going on. To complete the mac and cheese, readers simply have to combine the ingredients before baking it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

While the cookbook is undergoing an update right now, one thing that is certain is that the mac and cheese is going to be a massive hit once the book is released once again. The cookbook also contains a number of other delicious recipes as well.

The original inspiration for the cookbook came from a desire to help people show their gratitude with food. In the Southeast, food is a great way to say thank you. Given that a lot of clients express their thanks to their attorneys with food, this seemed like a natural next step for the law firm itself. As a result, the Joye Law Firm decided to round up a few of the best recipes and put them together in a cookbook.

While the future is uncertain, one thing that is certain is that attorneys are people too. They like to cook and eat just like anyone else. This cookbook serves as a great reminder of that. Among the most anticipated recipes in the cookbook is the baked mac and cheese from Davis Rice. It will be interesting to see what other recipes become popular once the cookbook is updated and published!