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“Liver King” Fitness Influencer Faces Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Influencers have a very large following in the current environment, and not all of them are exactly what they seem. That includes Brian Johnson, one of the biggest fitness influencers in the world, who typically goes by the name “Liver King.” Now, he is facing a significant class action lawsuit alleging that he used deceptive marketing to sell his products.

The complaint, which was filed in New York, names Brian Johnson and his companies as defendants. The lawsuit accuses him of deceiving his customers. The lawsuit claims that, in his social media marketing strategy, he claimed that he got buff by consuming raw offal. The lawsuit claims that, in actuality, he got buff because of his rampant steroid habit. Johnson himself recently disclosed that he used steroids to build his physique.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the habits Johnson was pushing are incredibly unsafe. In numerous videos, the lawsuit claims that he consumed a variety of raw testicles and organ meats in an effort to build his physique. Many people who followed his alleged habit developed a variety of food-borne illnesses. Consuming uncooked meat can be dangerous because it could expose you to toxins hiding in the food that are otherwise destroyed when you cook them.

Previously, the fitness influencer had denied consuming steroids but recently admitted that he was spending approximately $11,000 per month on steroids, which allowed him to keep the physique that he shows off in a lot of his videos. Even though the lawsuit is still in its very early stages, the prosecuting attorneys have indicated that they have gotten a significant amount of interest from other people who may have been harmed by watching his videos.

This lawsuit shines a light on just how dangerous social media can be. It is important for everyone to view influencers with a healthy amount of skepticism, as they are not always what they seem. Regardless, it is likely that the lawsuit will grow and widen and scope as more people learn of the dangerous habits that were being pushed by this fitness influencer. It will also be interesting to see if he faces any criminal charges in addition to the civil lawsuit he is already facing.