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“Liver King” Fitness Influencer Faces Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Influencers have a very large following in the current environment, and not all of them are exactly what they seem. That includes Brian Johnson, one of the biggest fitness influencers in the world, who typically goes by the name “Liver King.” Now, he is facing a significant class action lawsuit alleging that he used deceptive marketing to sell his products.

The complaint, which was filed in New York, names Brian Johnson and his companies as defendants. The lawsuit accuses him of deceiving his customers. The lawsuit claims that, in his social media marketing strategy, he claimed that he got buff by consuming raw offal. The lawsuit claims that, in actuality, he got buff because of his rampant steroid habit. Johnson himself recently disclosed that he used steroids to build his physique.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the habits Johnson was pushing are incredibly unsafe. In numerous videos, the lawsuit claims that he consumed a variety of raw testicles and organ meats in an effort to build his physique. Many people who followed his alleged habit developed a variety of food-borne illnesses. Consuming uncooked meat can be dangerous because it could expose you to toxins hiding in the food that are otherwise destroyed when you cook them.

Previously, the fitness influencer had denied consuming steroids but recently admitted that he was spending approximately $11,000 per month on steroids, which allowed him to keep the physique that he shows off in a lot of his videos. Even though the lawsuit is still in its very early stages, the prosecuting attorneys have indicated that they have gotten a significant amount of interest from other people who may have been harmed by watching his videos.

This lawsuit shines a light on just how dangerous social media can be. It is important for everyone to view influencers with a healthy amount of skepticism, as they are not always what they seem. Regardless, it is likely that the lawsuit will grow and widen and scope as more people learn of the dangerous habits that were being pushed by this fitness influencer. It will also be interesting to see if he faces any criminal charges in addition to the civil lawsuit he is already facing.

Family of an 85-Year-Old Woman Sues Care Centre For Violating Construction Safety Codes

Joyce Davis enjoyed traveling to California to spend time with her daughter. On this fateful day, she walked past an empty nurse station; the door was unlocked. Unaware of the danger ahead, Davis fell into a pit. The incident marked the beginning of her last tormenting days on earth. Construction negligence at St. Joseph Care Centre had destroyed the life of the 85-year-old.

The Damage

The pitfall left Davis with severe brain injury as well as a subdural hematoma. The brain injury was so traumatic that she could not recognize her daughter three weeks before her demise. During her last breathing days on earth, she suffered from horrible dreams and nightmares. In court, attorneys Charlie Rohr together with Charles Conrad narrated the ordeal, vividly describing how she spent her last days screaming as if demons had visited her in her sleep.

The Case

In the quest for justice, the family moved to the court through the attorneys filing a civil lawsuit against the Health Care Centre for negligence that resulted in the tragic death of Davis. The daughter of the deceased, Kathy Davis said that the center’s negligence took away her mother and best friend.

“It will not bring my mother back, but their negligence killed her;” she said.

DHIS Supporting Evidence

The lawsuit further cites that Washington Department of health and social services had conducted an inspection of the facility and noted that they violated safety codes by leaving the doors unlocked. The department made a 58-page report that the doors, three doors, remained unlocked risking the lives of many people. Despite receiving a summary, the facility did not take measures to correct the situation until it claimed the first victim.

Victims Medical Background

Kathy told the court that her mother was taken to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center after falling while walking, but was transferred to St. Joseph for upper body strength exercise that would help her regain her normal walking conditions.

It was during her stay at St. Joseph that Joyce Davis wandered around and managed to leave her room without being detected. She explained that her mother suffered from insomnia. It also raised several concerns about safety in the facility. How can a patient wander around undetected? Do the beds have safety rails? Are there alarms in the center to assist staff and manage patients with such conditions?

Davis was reported missing on 22 February at 10 PM and was found at 1 AM the following day. She survived thanks to the holes that air inside the pit but had to withstand temperatures of 32 degrees. She died on March 15, 2017.

The family is looking for medical relief, funeral expenses and other costs determined by the court.

Loveland Detective Cleared of Criminal Charges Now Faces Civil Suits

Detective Brian Koopman was acquitted in April 2016 on a felony charge of trying to influence a public official, but his legal troubles are far from over. The detective now faces two civil suits also based on cases related to his work for the Loveland Police Department. Both suits have been in the system for some time but are now moving forward.

Jeremy C. Myers v. Brian Koopman

Mr. Myers brought suit against Koopman in 2009 for violating his constitutional rights following an arrest. Mr. Myers was arrested on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. The charges were dropped when lab testing determined that the “drugs” found on the scene were actually sugar. Mr. Myers lived near an abandoned sugar factory at the time, and the arrest took place on his property. Police said at the time that field testing falsely determined that the sugar was detectives-lawyer-quotein fact meth.

While the initial suit named several plaintiffs, the only remaining defendant is Detective Koopman. According to Mr. Myers, Koopman conducted surveillance for months and found nothing. Detective Koopman then went forward with getting an arrest warrant based on what he says is the word of a confidential informant. Koopman’s lawyer filed a motion asking that the lawsuit be dismissed because his client had immunity while acting in his duties as a police officer. So far no judge has granted that motion and the trial can proceed.

Tammy Fisher v. Brian Koopman and Luke Hecker

Ms. Fisher is a former Lakeland police officer who also claims that her rights were violated when Koopman investigated her for tipping off the wife of an alleged child pornographer. Ms. Fisher claimed that the charges against her were invalid, and that her constitutional rights were violated. According to the plaintiff, she talked to a defendant’s wife about earlier charges against him that had been dropped, but she never tipped him off to the new charges.

Ms. Fisher also named Luke Hecker, Koopman’s supervisor, as a party in the lawsuit, which was dismissed by a lower court in August. Ms. Fisher is in the process of appealing that lower court decision to the United States Court of Appeals.

$10 Million Civil Lawsuit Filed Against Nick Gordon

The details surrounding the Bobbi Kristina Brown case are shocking. If you have not followed the Bobbi Kristina Brown saga very closely due to its depressing nature, it is now worth paying attention to based sheerly on its new-bobbi-kristina-brownfound legal component. Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s significant other, was recently served with a $10 million civil lawsuit at a Longwood, Florida Starbucks. The domestic violence lawsuit was filed on behalf of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobbi Kristina, 22, is the late Whitney Houston’s only daughter. Her father is former nineteen nineties pop and R&B sensation, Bobby Brown.

The civil lawsuit served upon Gordon, 25, alleges that he committed an array of violent acts against Bobbi Kristina before she was found unconscious in a bathtub. She was recently transferred to an Atlanta hospice due to her worsening condition. Bedelia Hargrove is currently acting as court-appointed conservator. She filed the domestic violence lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court last month.

The civil lawsuit will likely be an uphill battle due to the fact that Gordon has hired some savvy superstar attorneys to help him in the upcoming legal clash. He has recruited acclaimed defense attorney Joe Habachy, who will act as Gordon’s lead lawyer. Rounding out Gordon’s legal team is attorney Jose Baez. Baez who is most famous for his role as Casey Anthony’s lead defense attorney. Gordon will also tap into the legal knowledge of private investigator TJ Ward. Ward is notable for his work on the highly publicized Natalee Holloway disappearance case.

civil-lawsuit-bobbi-kristina-brownWhile the brunt of the civil lawsuit alleges that Gordon is guilty of domestic violence against Bobbi Kristina, it also attacks Gordon’s character. Gordon is not currently facing criminal charges yet the suit raises suspicions of foul play. It states that Bobbi Kristina coordinated an urgent meeting with an unnamed individual on January 31 to confide that Gordon was “not the man she thought he was”. Later on that same day, Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bathtub with a swollen mouth and a missing tooth.

UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina Brown, died at age 22, on Sunday, July 26, 2015. She never regained consciousness to explain what happened to her. More to come.