The Dangers Of Unsecured Loads And Road Debris

Unsecured loads and road debris lead to avoidable yet severe accidents. Road litter leads to about 25,000 accidents every year. Unfortunately, some of these accidents result in death. Debris will often end up on the road if it has not been loaded or secured properly. Apart from the risk of accidents, road debris also results in littering.

Imagine you are driving down the highway at 70 mph, and then you see a piece of metal flying off the back of a truck, hitting your windshield. Or, you could get hit by a driver swerving to avoid being hit by that scrap metal. If you get involved in an accident because the other driver did not secure their load properly, talk to an attorney. That is the easiest way to get compensation for the damage caused. The attorney will discuss with you what your legal rights are and help you take the proper legal steps to secure a fair settlement.

It Is Illegal To Not Secure Your Load

If you fasten your kids’ seatbelts to secure them yet they are in the car, why would you assume it is okay to not secure any load you are carrying on the bed of your truck? Not securing a load will earn you a fine. And if you cause any bodily injury or property damage, you will be held liable and have to compensate the harmed party.

Unsecured Loads Lead To Fatalities

There have been many reports of people dying because a loose object that has fallen from a moving car and hit their vehicle. That is how dangerous unsecured loads are. The impact of a heavy object plus the speed of an incoming car can result in serious injuries or, even worse, death.

Securing Your Load

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when transporting heavy equipment:

  • Ensure that all items are directly tied to the vehicle
  • Do not overload your vehicle
  • Ensure that the entire load has been properly secured with appropriate straps, tethers, tarp, and netting
  • Factor in that you might hit some bumps and potholes that can loosen any load that is not well secured
  • Lastly, would you feel safe if you were the one driving behind your load?

Talk To An Attorney

If you get into an accident involving unsecured loads because the other driver was negligent, talk to an attorney. An experienced lawyer knows your legal rights, which means fighting for fair compensation will not be a problem.